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How Do Picky Eaters Feel About Curry? January 20, 2007

Filed under: Personal Stories,picky eaters — Claire @ 1:46 am

So asked my dear brother last week, in advance of a family meal at his house.  I was very touched that he asked me, and I confirmed that I can’t do curry, and I’d prefer pizza, but I’m perfectly happy to be the odd one out, and I don’t want to deprive anyone of their curry.

So then the evening arrived, and to my surprise, it had been determined that everyone should have pizza.  For some reason, it was considered important that everyone should eat the same thing.  Being picky, I don’t share this view, because that would entail forcing my extreme food preferences on others, and that’s not nice.  And so I felt bad for expressing my pizza preference, not knowing that it would mean pizza for everyone, even those who would have preferred curry.

I would have felt better if instead of curry he had suggested something which, while not being my favourite meal, was nevertheless something I could manage to eat.  Then I wouldn’t have been eating one of my favourite things, when everyone else would have preferred the original suggestion.  As it was, I was catered to 100%, (which I do appreciate very much), but I feel bad that it was at the expense of others.  Am I worrying about this too much?