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Books November 11, 2006

There seems to be rather a dearth of literature available on the topic of picky eating for adults, and what there is on picky eating relates mainly to children, and focusses on the fact that most grow out of their picky eating.  Hopefully this situation will change, but in the meantime, I have put some of my recommendations on here – click the link to browse them. 


UPDATE 09.08.07:

I have just discovered there is a man in the US who is writing a book about Selective Eating Disorder (as picky eating is also known).  His name is Adam Gibson.  I gather he is also looking into making a documentary on the subject.  If anyone in the US would like to help with getting the documentary made, his email is


7 Responses to “Books”

  1. Adam Gibson Says:

    Hello. This is Adam Gibson. I have started writing a book on the subject, but have fallen behind due to a lack of research on the subject. I wanted to have in depth medical studies to reference, but so far there hasnt been much in the way of medical studies for our disorder. I keep researching and have thought about just writing the book on our stories and possible causes. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. Your website is a wonderful place and I plan on bookmarking it. In fact it is the most comphrehensive picky eating website I have come across, so you should be proud.

    Adam Gibson

    • Terri Loos Says:

      Just wanted to encourage you to keep trying on your book. Seems like there is a desperate need for it out there. I am the mother of an extremely picky eater. I have tried everything I know of to help my son, but nothing changes. He is 17, almost 18, and I remember feeding him baby food with meat in it and he spitting it out every time. He lives on peanut butter and bread, chicken fingers, french fries, cereal, bread and some junk food. That is literally it. We have OCD in my family and he used to be a worrier, but I see less and less of that in him as he grows older. I worry about his relationships in the future. He doesn’t act like it bothers him, but then he might not be telling me it does. He is 5’5″(?) and weighs about 160 lbs. You would never know by looking at him of the few things he eats. He does good to average in school and is generally a happy, good kid. Good luck to you in your efforts, I wish society would know more about this subject. Thanks.

      • Elisa Says:

        Terri – I’m 30 and eat the exact same things as your son! I’m so surprised to see this.

        Good luck.


  2. Claire Says:

    Thank you for this. I think there is various related research, from which we can infer things indirectly. I have a copy of Jane Kauer’s phd, which I think is the closest thing I’ve found so far

  3. Adam Gibson Says:

    While research has been hard to find I wanted to let you know that I am working on the book and hope to have something out there soon. I found a writing partner to help me complete it, so hopefully it wont be much longer. Its been a long process, but I hope the end result is worth it.

  4. Elisa Says:

    I always thought it was only me.

  5. David Feldman Says:

    There is a book called Suffering Succasunna that addresses SED. It starts of relatable, but loses me in the middle.

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