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Catering for Fussy Eaters July 10, 2008

Filed under: adult picky eating — Claire @ 3:46 pm

I notice quite a few people are coming to this site by means of searching to find what foods to offer when catering for a fussy eater.  Which got me thinking as to whether there are any fail-safe universals on this score.

It seems to me we are a fairly diverse bunch, but I think there seem to be some basic rules of thumb.  For example, it seems to be that plain food is best.  The plainer the better, in fact.  This means plain and simple textures as well as plain and simple flavours. So that rules out strong flavours, and all things hot and spicy.  It also rules out things with bits in, or sauces on.  Especially bad is a dish where it isn’t visually obvious what’s in it.

For me personally, something bread- or pastry-based is good, as is most meat (though preferred if it’s plain, rather than sauce- or vegetable-mixed).  The main thing is to be able to avoid any vegetables and fruits, and any other unacceptable foods, and still leave something left on the plate.  So non-mixed things, or things which are easily separable are good.

I usually say to people that as long as there is bread or potatoes, I’ll be fine.  And then beyond that, I may or not be able to venture.  I would say the main most important rule is to not be having attention drawn to my eating (or avoiding), and to know that no-one is offended or surprised by whether and what I do or don’t eat.

What do other people think?  Are there any universally safe menu items we can all agree on?  Or any universally dangerous ones?