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Therapy For Picky Eaters March 27, 2008

Filed under: Treatments — Claire @ 12:17 pm

Today I had an email from someone who offers online and telephone counselling worldwide, and face-to-face in Glasgow, and guess what?  She works with adult picky eaters!

She’s a member of the BPS, which means her psychology degree is top-notch (like mine!), and she’s BACP-registered which means she’s a “proper” counsellor.  She’s trained in person-centred counselling, and uses solution-focussed brief therapy, which I’ve incidentally been reading about, thanks to Colin.  It looks to be quite effective. More on that later.

In the meantime, see her details below:

Diana Armstrong-Wotherspoon
Professional and confidential counselling from the comfort of your own home – by live chat, email or telephone. Secure card payments, evening and weekend appointments available.
0141 9469096 or


4 Responses to “Therapy For Picky Eaters”

  1. Steve Says:

    Picking eating is all about thinking, or should I say bad thinking. Reading the posts of picky eaters and having conversed with a few, I have seen time and time again “The thought of it makes me…” “I couldn’t imagine myself…” etc. etc. Recent tests and observations of Freak Eaters TV prog shows that distraction is a good way of being able to eat foods that previously were on the BAD list.

    I am currently myself creating experiments to test this, and to originate some simple and practical yet very helpful approaches to help picky eaters eat new foods in the easiest andmost comfortable way.

    When this is complete testing, I will not be charging people to learn this. I will be giving this information to the picky eaters of the world free of charge.

    Good luck withthe psychologist. If she cannot help you, let me know. I will assist you.

  2. Claire Says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for commenting.

    Personally, I’m a little suspicious of people claiming suddenly to know what picky eating is all about, or offering a miracle cure, given the dearth of literature on the subject. To have some real idea about it that is more than just a theory, we would need stronger evidence than the anecdote of this blog or the freaky eaters series. If you are running experiments, that sounds really exciting – can you tell us more?

    In the meantime, a therapist like the one above, who has some experience and understanding of working with picky eaters strikes me as the best bet.

    And to have a miracle cure, we would need some information that we didn’t already know. With respect, I think I can speak for most picky eaters when I say we already know that thinking comes into it, and we already know that things like distraction and peer or social pressure can be quite effective in overcoming the gag reflex.

    Sorry if I sound a bit grumpy, but I certainly wouldn’t pay someone to read my blog back to me, and I hope none of my readers would either 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about your research.

    Post on Solution-Focussed-Brief-Therapy to follow.

  3. Carrie Says:

    For years i looked for people that had this problem. Everytime i searched and couldnt find anything, it made me feel like i was the only one in the world who has this problem. Thank goodness i finally found others that are EXACTLY like me. My picky diet was never a problem in high school, but now it is a cross that i have bared for years. Even though i am trying these days to do better, i still need some kind of help to pull this off. I wish people would show up here with the answer that CURED them. I will never be able to be truly happy til i know i can go to any restarant and find something on the menu that i can eat. Meanwhile, i feel like a prisoner to this untreatable disorder.

  4. Tineke Says:

    Carrie, I feel exactly like you! It is about almost thirty years now that I am carrying this problem with me. When I was a kid my parents were responsable. Since I am an adult I myself am responsable for my problem, but I always was afraid to talk about it or to seek help. I am 38 now and I have decided to seek a therapist to help me out of this even I am scared to do so.

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