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Jack, This One’s For You December 18, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eating — Claire @ 3:38 am

I was just responding to some comments, and I came across a remark from Jack about PX beer.  Which reminded me of this song, which I gather is Leadbelly, but the version I know is Pete Seeger.  I love this song because it has a flavour of the school-dinner experience about it, but also, perhaps a broader recognition of how my life has felt like in some ways. 

I don’t really make much link between my eating and how my life has been like thus far in terms of ups and downs, and the feeling of it, but perhaps that’s a mistake.  I wonder what anyone else thinks – has your eating had an impact on your happiness, your success in life, your self-esteem, in either direction?  Or do you feel all these things have some common cause with the eating thing?  Or is the eating unrelated to everything else in your life?


One Response to “Jack, This One’s For You”

  1. Jack Says:

    So sweet to think of me and my entry. I sometimes get carried away with these things. Although an old Pete Seeger fan I cannot recall that song and will have to look it up and add it to my ITunes.

    To answer your question about, if eating has impacted my life i would have to say it has in all aspects. It is a flat out, huge YES to everything you have mentioned. Unfortunately my condition has and continues to be the central black hole in my life that all things revolve around.

    It has severly hampered my success in professional and personal relationships. Now somehow I’ve managed to have a good life and a decent career; but I often wonder what have been. Maybe everyone feels this way as they get older, but I do feel that in someway this has all been a self-inflicted, self-destructive behavior that I was never able to get a grip on.

    What might have been achieved, and whom I might have been able to love?

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