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Do I Dare To Eat A Peach? December 7, 2007

Filed under: Picky Eating in Popular Culture — Claire @ 2:17 pm

Do I dare to eat a peach?  In a word, no.  I’d sooner disturb the universe than dare such a collossal ghastly thing.

Following on the literary tradition from the previous post, I thought I would make a little nod towards T.S Eliot’s Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock.  As I believe most commentators have understood it, the line “do I dare to eat a peach?” is a contrast to a preceding piece of self-doubt earlier in the poem: “do I dare disturb the universe?”  To most people, it seems self-evident and blindingly obvious that the latter is a larger question, by orders of magnitude.  To a picky eater, though, if anything, the contrast is in the opposite direction: the peach is by far the bolder challenge. 

In some ways, though, I would be inclined to say this juxtaposition is not a contrast, but a simile.  I think even for fruit-eating people, a peach still represents a challenge – from somewhere I get the idea that a peach can be somewhat a messy, socially difficult thing to eat.  Especially for a man in the context of women who arrange pillows and talk of Michelangelo.  Is Eliot underlining the extent of his existential crisis by being even scared of a little thing like eating a peach, or is he saying that such a thing can be (as it is for picky eaters) in fact equivalent to disturbing the universe? 

I say it is the latter, though maybe it’s just me, and the exponential crisis that picky eating entails.


4 Responses to “Do I Dare To Eat A Peach?”

  1. TMoore Says:

    who am i to say what is meant
    when a man chooses to express
    the feelings he has without the truth
    of simple words easily understood?
    are we to sink teeth thru fuzzy flesh
    and not care the juice that spill or fear regret?
    or step with trepidation and not leave a mark
    in consideration for the safety of canned peaches
    no messy flesh, and no pit.

  2. emily Says:

    i am a fussy eater, i can’t eat any veg at all,i gag if i even put a brussel sprout in my mouth, Christmas day is horrible for me because all i can eat is the turkey and then the usual rubbish, i hate eggs, all veg, most red meats, a good deal of fruit and this is awful, I’m a young woman who needs my daily intake of good healthy food, and it bothers me so much that i can’t eat anything that will benefit me, i think that have some really sensitive taste buds because when i attempt to anything thats good for me, i gag! is it physiological??

  3. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

  4. your friend Says:

    The rest of this blog is obnoxious and annoying certainly, but this entry is simply pathetic. Your understanding of poetry is at out of whack as your eating habits.

    Please die of scurvy.

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