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Light Relief August 14, 2007

Filed under: Picky Eating in Popular Culture — Claire @ 10:31 pm

This is a tale that is dear to my heart.  As a child I really identified with it.  The ending was very disappointing to me though.  To find out in the end that no, there wasn’t someone like me out there after all, it just confirmed my outcast status.

But then again, perhaps we can take heart from the moral of this tale.  If the relentless Sam-I-Am represents the twin realities of nutritional requirement and social pressure, we see how these factors combine over time to make the character try the eggs and ham.  Of course, we know that trying is only the first step, but even though it’s a big step, and a difficult one, I know from my experience where it can lead.  As in the story, it can lead to liking, and to confidence with the food in question.  Which I guess is where we’d all like to be, more or less…

What do you say?


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