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Welcome, Newcomers August 9, 2007

Filed under: General — Claire @ 11:28 pm

Hi there and hello, and a great big welcome if you’ve just found this site for the first time. 

I’ve had a lot of comments today from people, who, like me, had never heard picky eating being talked about or acknowledged as an actual thing before.  People who consequently have spent their whole lives thinking they were the only one out there like this.  I have to say, for me, it would never have occurred to me to google “adult picky eating” – I wouldn’t have known what to call it, and since I thought I must be the only one, it never occurred to me that there might be other people out there just like me.  But the day I stumbled across a reference to it, I knew it meant me, and the feeling, to finally know that I’m not a total freak or loser was just such an amazing revelation, I can’t even explain it.

Some of you will know what I mean.  So if you have had your own revelation today as a result of this site, then here’s to you.  And to any of you who are not picky eaters yourselves, but maybe know someone who is, I hope this site can give you something too, in the way of awareness and understanding. 

You will notice that this site is in fact a blog – the reason for this is to promote discussion, communication, and sharing of experiences.  This way I hope it can be a resource of support and information from more people than just me, something more organic and interactive.  You will also notice that the site has been a bit quiet in recent months.  This is because I’m in the middle of finishing a doctoral thesis, so it’s been a bit on the back-burner lately.  If the interest is there though (which it seems like it might be), I’m happy to re-invigorate it, so do feel free to comment as much as you like – any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received, and if anyone would like to contribute posts, I’d be more than happy to set that up  (I just need an email address).

In the meantime, enjoy what’s here, introduce yourself if you’d like to, and come back soon, ok?

Watch this space.


5 Responses to “Welcome, Newcomers”

  1. Rosemarie Says:

    Could you give some specific advice to families of adult picky eaters please. What is helpful and what is unhelpful ?

  2. fussy lass Says:


    Ah I am one of those extreamly fussy eaters! Glad to know i am not the only one. I only eat a very small selection of foods, and as i eat the same things all the time, it is easy to ‘go off’ those foods as well!

  3. Beccy Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Im so glad there is people like me. for years i have believed i am the only one who is a fussy eater. i have a very restricted diet but i am also overweight and doctors dont seem to think there is a problem for this reason. I eat crappy foods. my diet consists of any Bread, most Cereals,Milk with cereal only, Dairylea on bread and not forgeting crisps. But i can soon get fed of eating ceareal and not eat any for quite a well. Is there anyone like me? has anyone been like me but has learned to eat more?

  4. Claire Says:

    Hi f-l and Beccy
    Yes, there are loads of people like us. And I for one have learned to eat more. Not a lot more, but still, it’s progress.

  5. Jean Bond Says:

    My daughter is 21 years old and has eaten chicken nuggets, French fries and cheese sandwiches since age 4. She is in her 3rd year mortuary science major. Why does she cringe and becomes nauseous at the smell of a pot roast in oven but the smell of a decomposing body is quite tolerable and “she is the one they send to tend to body as the “other” staff members are gagging due to the stench”! Picky eating is a HYPER AND VERY FAULTY sensory disorder whose amped up wiring system is really no different than an autistic child’s world. The olfactory organ (nose) always gets their first to relay how “smelly” the food their “suppose” put into their mouth flat out …. STINKS. If they get lucky and it’s a “go” from the NOSE then we encounter the back up quarterback the EYES! Hawk like and keen to inspect non other than TEXTURE. And so it goes nobody really knows what to do. Acceptance without knowing all the why’s and whats and how come is where we are at and probably where we will remain. And that will be okay because she is otherwise healthy and pretty darn happy to be here.

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