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Freaky Eaters – Addicted To Cheese February 28, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eaters,adult picky eating — Claire @ 10:31 pm

I just watched the third episode of BBC3’s “Freaky Eaters”.  I missed the first two, so this was my first chance to see what it was all about. 

I cried when I saw Dave trying to eat things, because I felt like I knew what he was feeling, and the two “experts” didn’t seem to have much of an inkling.  Obviously Dave was not “addicted” to cheese – I think that was a stupid, sensationalist way to describe his problem – it was just that he couldn’t manage to eat anything else.

I cried too when they talked to his parents, and they began to realise what their son had been through.  I’d never heard a non-picky eater acknowledge some understanding of how difficult it must be to be like this. 

I still can’t imagine what it would be like for someone in my own life to express some kind of sympathy for my experiences.  I thought I was lucky just to have some tolerance.


15 Responses to “Freaky Eaters – Addicted To Cheese”

  1. BrianT Says:

    I wish I could get the series over here and see what it’s all about. I guess some would think I’m addicted to chesse but really it’s just my main source of food to keep me alive.

  2. Hi Claire,

    I came across your blog and thought I’d post a comment as I’m working on the second series of “Freaky Eaters”.

    If you or any of your readers are interested in taking part in the series then please do get in touch via our website –

    We are currently going through the many applications we’ve received since the first series went out but would love to hear from anyone else who might want to take part.

    I appreciate that it might be a daunting prospect applying to take part in a show which deals with a potentially delicate subject, but if you get in touch then we can give you a call and there is of course no obligation to take part in the series.

    All correspondance will be treated in complete confidence.

    Best wishes,

    James + The Freaky Eaters Team.

  3. This is really sad.I haven’t thought that picky eaters have a problem and they can’t eat anything else.From what I’ve read I now understood that this is some kind of an illness.

  4. Louiso Says:

    I’m allergic to cheese. However when my second son was born we thought that he had the same problem. However after two years he seemed to grow out of it, And now I can relate to your show. Wonderful. Thanks

  5. Angela Arpra Says:

    Hi Claire,

    I’m an Assistant Producer from the BBC3 series ‘FREAKY EATERS’. I understand my colleague James came across your blog a while back, but I thought I’d drop a note and let you and others know that we’re still casting.

    If you or any of your readers are interested in taking part in the series then please do get in touch asap. You can email us at or ring direct on 0207 907 0898.

    We would love to hear from anyone else who might want to take part.

    Reiterating James’ comment, I appreciate that it must be a daunting prospect applying to take part in a show which deals with such a delicate subject, but we are a very compassionate and experienced team who would take your worries into consideration throughout the process. The first series did well, and as you have seen, people we featured did go on to make progress with their eating. You’ve nothing to lose by getting in touch!

    All correspondance will be treated in complete confidence. I genuinely hope to hear from some of you soon.

    Best wishes,

    Angela + The Freaky Eaters Team.

  6. Amy Says:

    Holy. Cow.
    I think my husband will thank you. I have always called him a picky eater and often a pain in my arse because there are only a limited number of things I can cook for him. Hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, etc I often say when we are invited out that if you can serve it at a 5 year old birthday party – he’ll probably eat it. I could not understand why someone would eat caesar salad but refuse other types of lettuce. Or last night, the racket that ensued because I dare try a different spaghetti sauce. Organic… rather than the usual Healthy Choice… then because I messed with the sauce noodle-gate ensued. Surely these white noodles were some kind of whole wheat in disguise. It’s maddening, frustrating, and being the cook – heartbreaking.
    I try, I try, I try and I try to get him to eat new things, I make fun of him and I will sneak foods into things he likes (hence noodlegate). I tell him it’s all in his head. “Grown-ups will try new foods!”, I tell him in exasperation.
    I never really thought that he CAN’T eat it. I just thought he WOULDN’T eat it.
    So thank you for shedding some light on that.
    I feel like he is taking some steps to opening his food list lately. He asked me to buy some grapes… we have grapes I told him, but they were red and he would only eat the green. Who knew? Not me!

  7. plain Says:

    what is this show? we’re definitely not getting it here in Texas.

  8. Hi everyone,
    My name’s Melissa Waterson and I just wanted to let you know that we’re now gearing up for the third series of Freaky Eaters for BBC 3 here at Betty TV.

    If any of your readers would like to take part they can contact the team here on 0207 907 0899 or

    BBC 3’s ‘Freaky Eaters’ are looking for people to take part in a new series of programmes
    • Do you have an unusual eating problem which controls your life?
    • Do you find many foods difficult to eat?
    • Are you at the end of your tether and desperate to sort out your diet?
    Freaky Eaters is a series about people who live with unusual eating habits. Each week our resident nutritionist and psychologist offer advice and support to help individuals tackle their eating problems.

    Thanks and hope to speak with you soon!
    Melissa + The Freaky Eaters Team

  9. I watched the program last night when the man only ate cheese and crisps and i cried because im going through the same thing. Im 18 and iv had an eating problem ever since i can remember. i always get reminded that im an adult and im acting like a kid not eating properly and its starting to get to me so much like siting round table for dinner and my hole family have got a proper x mas dinner and im sitting there eating a cheese sandwich, i cant even go out for a romantic meal with my fiancee cus i wont enjoy it cus feel every1 is looking at me and what im eating. I don’t enjoy eating what i eat i know i have to change my diet but i don’t think i can because i back out all the time thinking im gonna emmbarss myself spitting it out when iv been giving something to try new and act like a little childed.
    I’m starting to get fed up of it now and really get my self upset about it now. I don’t no what to do or who i can see about it.
    i just wont to have a normal life like every1.

    April anybody with advice what i can do plz email me thank you loads

  10. Liz horsley Says:

    The idea of the programme is great, but the ‘experts’ need a little adapting i think. To many of them who’s problem is mainly emotional, natasha’s role is really pointless, she seems to be completely unaware of the emotional needs of these poor people. Yeah nutrition is important but it’s a logical thing, and if it was all about logic these people would never be rejecting the stuff that’s good enough. They need to be encouraged and supported emotionally until they feel strong enough to grow through their problems and take responsibility. THAT s when the logical choices will be able to be be made, not before!

  11. Liz horsley Says:

    oops i meant natalie!

  12. Claire Says:

    Well said, Liz. Couldn’t agree more.

  13. kres Says:

    I need help, my 16 year old daughter will not eat most green vegetables. When she is forced to eat one or half a leaf of lettuce she almost vomits.
    She does not like meat nor the smell of fish. She basically survives on bread, cheese, some fruits and chocolate, chocolate & chocolate.

    She has told me that she does not like the smell of most foods and can not stand the taste of spices.

    I was considering cooking classes but they can specialize the course for me and privates are just too expensive. She wants to change her eating habits but I can’t seem to please her taste buds.

    If you are wondering, I love vegetables and everybody else in our family eats well.

  14. Anna N. Says:


    Your daughter’s diet sounds very similar to what a friend of mine (age around 35) eats. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him eat anything besides chocolate, goldfish crackers, and maybe once a piece of fruit. She won’t die without veggies.

    Instead of you cooking for her, why don’t you have her cook for herself? If she can find recipes that sound good – or they can be altered so they might be good, which is what I usually have to do – then maybe she’ll be able to work on her eating habits without having to worry about disappointing you.

  15. Carole Baker Says:

    I would like to purchase the DVD “Beans and chips”, episode 3, series three. However, I am unable to find anywhere to buy it. Advice sought. Carole

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