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Picky Eating, Baby February 27, 2007

Filed under: General — Claire @ 9:42 pm

Me, circa 6 mo

Me, circa 6 mo


5 Responses to “Picky Eating, Baby”

  1. Brian Says:

    is that you…Claire…I’ll see what I can dig up on me…

  2. Claire Says:

    Yes, that’s me, with the protruding skull bones, and the hideous seventies outfit. 🙂
    One consultant wrote back to my GP “thank you for sending me this odd-looking child”. I wasn’t odd, I was starving.
    Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. huffin Says:

    but who, pray tell, are you sitting next to…?

  4. Claire Says:

    That would be a non-picky sibling of mine 🙂 – why do you ask?

  5. huffin Says:

    just wondering who that poor cropped out chap was…

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