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Fussy Eating on LBC 97.3 February 24, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eating — Claire @ 2:35 pm

Chris Hawkins, radio presenter on LBC 97.3 is talking about fussy eating today – and it turns out he is one of us! 

While some of the people calling in to the show have been predictably judgemental and unsympathetic, quite a few have phoned and emailed in to say that they are fussy too, and, like most of us, have spent their lives thinking they were the only one.

I am very pleased that all the recent publicity surrounding fussy eating gives more fussy eaters the relief of the revelation that they are not alone, and can put us in contact with others in the same boat. 

By making fussy eating more visible, and raising awareness of it, it also makes it easier for us to explain ourselves to non-picky eaters, if they are more likely to have heard of it too.  Who knows, someone somewhere may even decide to conduct some proper research on the subject…


3 Responses to “Fussy Eating on LBC 97.3”

  1. Brian Says:

    where can I go to hear it… since its already aired.

  2. Brian Says:

    just checked the fussy-eaters group… nobody there… where is everyone out for dinner… or on the phone with Chris, trying to get him to do a weekly spot on fussy(picky) eating…

  3. Claire Says:

    You can get the podcast of the show from here under the Chris Hawkins link. It costs £4 for one month’s subscription – I’m not subscribed I’m afraid.

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