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Straight From The Horse’s Mouth February 21, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eating — Claire @ 2:22 pm

Today I received this via email from Dr Nadia Micali of the Institute of Psychiatry:

“Unfortunately picky or fussy eating is not recognised as a disorder as such in adults yet, therefore no services are available for it. I am afraid I don’t know who might be able to help.

As you might know journalists quoting an odd sentence can be quite misleading, as I didn’t exactly say what lucy wrote in her article. I am sure that there might be voluntary sector organisations that might be able to help. I read from the article that you are trying to overcome it and I would encourage you to continue as you are doing.” (Emphasis added)

I wish Lucy McDonald had made that first point clear in her article, instead of getting our hopes up and blaming silly old us for not seeking help.  I think I’ve gone off journalists.  I don’t know why they bother talking to anyone, because they write whatever they want to write anyway, and to hell with the facts.


6 Responses to “Straight From The Horse’s Mouth”

  1. BrianT Says:

    no surprise there…

    we shouldn’t expect jounalists to understand but just get your information correct…

    I don’t think any non-picky eater can ever understand because sometimes our picky eating seems so irrational.

  2. Claire Says:

    Well, quite. The ironic thing is that Lucy McDonald’s interest in the topic was because she is mildly picky herself, so she doesn’t even have that excuse.

  3. BrianT Says:

    The reporter that did the article I was in was also interested because she (or was it her sister) was picky when she was a kid.
    But that’s a big part of the problem, where do you draw the line of picky(everyone is picky about something).

    So I’m sure that’s why you get some normal eaters out there that think they understand us “real” picky eaters.

    Worse some even think they are picky eaters…

  4. Dave Lee Says:

    Hi everyone.

    I found this blog via a quick Google search on adult ‘fussy’ eaters. I believe I am one.

    My friend wrote an article about fussy adult eaters and it prompted me to find out more. I am a journalist too (at least, I’m a student one, but I do work for national newspapers and magazines). So be nice to us 😛 Haha.

    I’m aware of this notion of not being a real fussy eater — I think I am one, but I’ll put it to you guys to let me know a bit more.

    My problem is with foods that aren’t solid. I like cheese, I like toast, but I don’t like cheese on toast. Food that isn’t consistent in its texture makes me gag.

    I put this down to when I was young I was force-fed a Shephards Pie. I was ill at the time, and it made me throw up.

    My diet (which is heavily meat-based) has affected me in many ways. From a health and physical point of view, I am pretty pale, and have developed acne on my back.

    Socially, I always have the worry in my mind about certain situations that involve food. I recently went to Barcelona with friends, and was so embarrassed when it came to finding somewhere to eat. All these wonderful restaurants — but I didn’t feel like I could manage any of them.

    This has extended to my professional life too. I was invited to lunch with an editor at a newspaper … but was so worried about eating that I turned it down. I never got the chance to work with him… I’m sure it would have been different if I was confident with food.

    I’m glad to have found this site. I’ve gone through the last few years of my life hearing “shouldn’t you have grown out of that by now” and “oh just shove it in, I hate fussy eaters”.

    If anyone has any tips on how to deal with this, please email me:

    I’ll be reading this site a lot, and looking at books. What I think I need is a gentle breaking-in guide. So, a ‘try this first. Then this and this’ step-by-step program that will gently introduce me to more things. If anyone knows of such a book/site/article, please let me know.

    In the mean time, be nice you journalists you bullies! 😛


  5. Dave Lee Says:

    That’s be nice TO journalists, you understand. Damn typos.

  6. Claire Says:

    Hi Dave!
    Well done for finding us. I’ve let things go slightly dormant here lately – sorry about that – so it’s good to see you.

    I have nothing against journalists per se, only ones which distort or misrepresent the facts, when they have been told them very clearly. I consider that to be a dereliction of their duty to deliver info to the public, not to mention bad karma.

    I would say if you feel like you identify with fussy eating, if any of what’s described here applies to your experience then yes, you probably are. It’s a tricky thing to define (your cheese/toast example being a good one), and of course, not everyone’s experiences are the same.

    Sorry to hear about your editor lunch story. Hope you find this site helpful. You may want to check out some of the links too.

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