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Out of The Frying Pan February 20, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eaters — Claire @ 12:15 am

It’s a common experience of picky eaters to find eating in restaraunts tricky.  One of the main reasons for this is the frequent difficulty in finding something on the menu that we can eat.

But as I improve, I am beginning to find that I am now beset by a new problem.  In the past, I’d be lucky if there was one single thing on the menu that I could eat.  So the drill would be, when ordering, to scan the menu and find that thing, then order it.  Or, as my brother used to say, “find the thing you hate the least”.  Fairly simple, even if I needed to make an alteration to the advertised dish when I ordered.

Imagine my confusion and bewilderment then, when I find that there is more than one thing on the menu that I can eat.  This must be par for the course for non-picky eaters, but I have no idea how they handle this situation – how do they choose?  More and more these days, I find myself paralysed with indecision at the point of ordering, because I am simply not used to there being, effectively, a choice of things on offer that I can eat.  Other people don’t seem to agonise over the decision, or dither in painful uncertainty between different options for very long.  How do they manage it?

I have discovered (by asking friends) three strategies so far that non-picky eaters use when ordering in restaurants.  One is based on what they’ve had for dinner in the immediate past, or what they’re planning in the immediate future – eg if you had fish last night, have something different tonight.  The second is based on ordering something that you probably wouldn’t cook for yourself, or that you aren’t good at cooking for yourself.  And the third is to choose something you’ve never tried before.  I have to say that last one really wouldn’t work for me, at this stage. 

It must be a good thing that I am starting to have this problem though.  Next stop, fruit and veg.


6 Responses to “Out of The Frying Pan”

  1. karen Aldrin Says:

    Hi,i couldn’t believe it when i found your comment.I have the same problem as you.I used to also be lucky to find one thing to order on a menu,now i panic when i have a choice.I have the new problem that i don’t want to order the wrong thing which i turn out to not like.I always end up choosing the same old boring things because i know i’ll like them.
    The only time i have found this easy is when i am in America with my Husband .His colleagues always order anything we fancy as extras off the menu.As i have the meal i know i’ll like this is always a bonus to me.I have tried many new things like this,with no pressure if i don’t like them or try them.
    I like you still have the problem of fruit and veg.

  2. Claire Says:

    Hi Karen.
    It’s good to eat tapas-y type meals with a group, with bits and bobs of everything. I’ve tried quite a few new things this way, without having to be committed to a whole plateful.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Hi Out of the Frying Pan–
    Yes, some of us non-picky eaters DO agonize over what to order, ‘specially if we are starving!
    When there are too many wonderful things on the menu, I try tuning out everything but my body. Usually, my body comes through for me and I manage to make a selection. Sometimes, I make a plan to return to the restaurant to try something else that looks delicious!

  4. Kari Says:

    It takes me forever to order in a drive through. The poor people in back of me get impatient.

  5. Colleen Says:

    I am well known at several restaurants in my town because I eat out a lot. At each restaurant I have my “usual” order. At one place they don’t even take my order any more, they bring me my drink as soon as I am seated and just verify that I want my usual!
    At another place the waitress was surprised that I didn’t want my usual refill on my soda. It may be tiresome being so predictable, but I do get good service.

  6. Christina Says:

    I have the same problems with eating out. I only order the same things over and over again. My husband and I argue over the fact that I will “NEVER” try anything new. I am always afraid when going out that I won’t like what I have ordered and then be hungry for the rest of the meal and then the disappointed look on my husbands’ face because I didn’t like it. He feels that I don’t give food a fair try and that I am missing out on the fruits of nature.

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