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More on That Times Article February 19, 2007

Filed under: adult picky eating — Claire @ 1:24 pm

According to Lucy McDonald, we picky eaters are “a growing legion”.  Again, I’m not sure this is really true.  I don’t know about you lot, but I haven’t just suddenly become picky in the last few months, I’ve been like it since 1974, if not since birth.  And in fact, I’ve got quite a bit less picky since then.  It’s not that there are more of us necessarily, just that we are coming out of the woodwork and making more noise.

It’s especially hard to see how Lucy McD, or her sources could justify the interpretation that pickiness is on the increase, when by their own admission, no-one knows how many of us there are at present, or how many of us there used to be at any comparison point in the past.  Ever.

It’s a bit naughty of her really to call us a growing legion, if you ask me.


2 Responses to “More on That Times Article”

  1. BrianT Says:

    I agree with you… after 43 yrs I’ve still never met another picky eater… but that may be because I am looking for someone as picky as myself.
    There is someone local but he is young 15 so I will leave a possible meeting up to his mom… I would sure like to have a chat with him…

    Claire I keep finding messages of yours all over the web, keep up the good work.

  2. Claire Says:

    Yes, I’ve never met another picky eater either. Till we do, we’ll just have to make do with online contacts I guess.

    Yes, I’ve been plastering the internet with comments lately 🙂

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