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Is Picky Eating a Disorder? Do you Think You Have a Disorder? December 5, 2006

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1.     a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction.

Going by this definition I guess it could be considered a disorder (anyone have a better definition). 

I’ve never really thought I had a disorder but if someone said to me “you have a eating disorder…” I would probably have to agree.  My eating habits are dysfunctional.



One Response to “Is Picky Eating a Disorder? Do you Think You Have a Disorder?”

  1. Claire Says:

    Yes, I would say it is a disorder by that definition. It restricts my free will and my enjoyment of life. All my life, I would have loved to have been able to eat what other people eat – partly to avoid punishment and get approval, but also to feel like I belonged and that I was in fact a part of the human race just like everyone else, and to make healthy decisions about what I put in my body.

    Being like this sets you apart a little bit from others, and is defninitely a notable deviation from the “norm”. As for the health impact, I’m not sure how much is known about this, but if nutritionists and dieticians are anything to go by, picky eating puts our health at risk – and who would do that willingly?

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