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Calling Picky Eating Adults December 15, 2006

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I have been contacted this week by a journalist who is writing a piece on Adult Picky Eating for The Times Body & Soul section, and wants to hear some personal stories of picky eating adults.   See Lucy McDonald’s post on the Welcome page.

She has asked me whether any of you would be interested in sharing your story or perspective with her – if so, you can email her at, or call/text her on 0775 706 003.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article, and delighted that this subject will be addressed in a national newspaper here in the uk.  I hope it will show more adult picky eaters that they’re not alone.


Ramblings on Cross-Cultural Picky Eating December 13, 2006

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Just thinking about the Spicy Food aversion that many of us have, and the tendency to avoid many “foreign” cuisine foods, I can’t help wondering what picky eating people from “spicy food” countries or more exotic locations than here do, or how they experience picky eating, or indeed, whether such places actually have any picky eating adults. 

Certainly, those of you who have posted here seem to be predominantly from “Western”-type countries, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia.  Yahoo Picky Eaters overwhelmingly displays the same pattern, in keeping with it too being an English-speaking web-site, though I do notice they have one member from Africa, and one from Asia.

I don’t think I could ever go to places like India, China or Japan for the simple reason that unless I restricted my stay to a Western-type hotel (in which case what would be the point?), I don’t think I’d find very much there that I could eat, and even then there’d be no guarantee.

So I guess the question I’m toying with is, if there are picky eaters in these places, is the pickiness manifest in the same way as, say, my picky eating (no fruit, veg, rice, spice etc), or is it applied to a separate set of foods?  We here, and at Yahoo Picky Eaters, have noticed certain broad similiarites in the foods we avoid, and I guess I’m wondering whether Picky Eating (whatever it is) is loosely food-specific, or whether the similarities observed are culturally determined. 

If Picky Eating is food-type specific, then heaven help the Indian and Asian populations of picky eaters, for whom the basic staple foods are no-go.  I would be somewhat amazed if this were the case, however – my guess would be that picky eating is more of a food neo-phobia than a fruit/veg phobia.  What do other people think?

Of course all of this idle speculation is kind of premised on the assumption that picky eating happens at all in non-western cultures.  Would be interesting to find out either way.

NB. Apologies for the grossly uk-centric way in which these thoughts have been expressed.  It’s a combination of laziness and ignorance, rather than any actual disrespect to other cultures.


If Picky Eating is a Disorder How does that make you feel? December 5, 2006

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So I’m a picky eater and now I find out that picky eating is a disorder.  I guess for some there could be some comfort in knowing it’s a disorder because then there is some hope it can be cured or fixed.  For others if probably makes them feel relieved, like it’s not their fault, they can’t help but be this way.  Maybe there are some who would be angry because they don’t want to believe they have a disorder… what are some other reactions?

For me… I’m not sure how I feel… I don’t think I have a disorder but in some way I guess I feel I do… I get no comfort in thinking it’s a disorder… probably because I don’t feel I need to be cured or fixed but also because the medical community has no idea how to deal with us……well any thoughts?



Is Picky Eating a Disorder? Do you Think You Have a Disorder?

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1.     a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction.

Going by this definition I guess it could be considered a disorder (anyone have a better definition). 

I’ve never really thought I had a disorder but if someone said to me “you have a eating disorder…” I would probably have to agree.  My eating habits are dysfunctional.



How Do We Feel About Christmas? December 4, 2006

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Personally, I love Christmas, but judging by some of the stories I’ve heard from Picky Eating Adults, not all of us do.  Feel free to share your feelings about the forthcoming festivities here.

 I consider myself rather lucky that Santa doesn’t bother any more with an apple or satsuma in the bottom of my Christmas stocking – no, I shall receive the customary Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  I have to confess I have largely gone off these also, but still it is preferable to the fruit alternative.  And I am looking forward to the Christmas dinner, which for me will be turkey, roast potatoes and gravy.  And maybe some sausagemeat too.  And, to go with it, I shall be having one little roast parsnip, which I can’t decide if it’s delicious or dreadful, but I can manage to eat one, and I really really like the idea of that. 

I want to say that I really don’t mind missing out on the peas, the carrots, the stuffing, the bread sauce, the Christmas pudding, or the trifle, or the Christmas cake.  Or the nuts, the satsumas, the malt loaf, the mince pies and so on.  In the sense that it won’t diminish the family festivities for me, that much is true.  But it’s not the same, is it?

 And on Christmas Eve, when we visit friends of the family, I shall be on food-fiasco-alert.  Even though we will be visiting people who’ve known me (and my eating) since I was a child, the thought of being confronted as an adult by something inedible to me in a social situation is still somewhat anxiety-provoking.  I do feel empowered and supported this year though, by the knowledge that my “eating thing” is an actual phenomenon shared by others, and not just a freaky, cowardly, self-indulgent, childish flaw – if I get into any hot food-related water over Christmas, I shall have a proper and dignified talking point with which to explain it to my hosts.

And now I shall get back to looking at the Picky Eating data from the questionnaire.  Over to you guys.