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For Picky-Eating Adults in the UK and worldwide

Adult Picky Eaters – Welcome November 9, 2006

Filed under: General — Claire @ 10:21 pm

Children who are picky eaters are expected to grow out of it.  But some of us never did, no matter what our parents tried.  The medical profession could offer no help or answer to our pickiness and since our pickiness was not life-threatening, they turned their back on us and left us to our own devices. 

Now we are adults, left with extremely restricted diets, often dreading social eating situations, for fear our limited eating will embarrass us, often thinking we are the only one in the world with this problem, the only one in the world who has never eaten a fruit, or vegetable, and can’t imagine ever being able to eat a “normal” range of foods.   We are left isolated and alone, many of us going to great lengths to hide our problem from others, and limiting our lives and contact with others as a result.

If you are an Adult Picky Eater anywhere in the world, you are not alone, there are hundreds of us out there.  Don’t suffer in silence.  This website is for you.


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